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Never Fear, Winter Will Be Here

Life on the Corridor Heidi Vetter January 22, 2021

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Volume 2, MMXXI
Hello Friends,
We have been enjoying some beautiful warm days, and most of the snow has melted off the ground, but it looks like real winter is just around the corner. Time to batten down the hatches! Statistically, January is our coldest month while March is our snowiest month.
June Lake continues to abide by the County’s no lodging restrictions, producing a very quiet, surreal atmosphere around town. The Mono County Coronavirus Response website and watching the Board of Supervisor meetings are the best way to stay in touch with the County’s re-opening plans. Their next meeting is on Feb. 2. The good news is Mono County is aggressively rolling out the Covid vaccine.
A couple of weeks ago, there was an article in The Sheet titled Nothing under a Million Bucks, regarding Mammoth Real Estate. Who would have ever guessed the same can be said of June Lake? We currently have only two homes on the market and both of them are over a million. No new residences have come on the market in the last 21 days in the June Lake area. Dare I say if you are thinking of selling, the low inventory is to your advantage as is the continued low-interest rates. Give me a call if you are interested in receiving a price opinion on your property.
Be Well,

June Lake 

Phil Sutphin, one of June Lake's newer landowners has taken some stunning images of our home town and Gull Lake that I wanted to share with you. You can follow Phil on Instagram.

Meet the Neighbors

Al and Patti Heinrich are June Lake’s Dynamic Duo. Community-minded, this Duo has been involved with the CAC (June Lake's Citizen's Advisory Committee), the Chamber of Commerce, the June Lake Loop Historical Society, and much more. June Lake homeowners since 1988, the place you’ll consistently find them is managing the June Lake Women’s Thrift Store, one of the favorite places to browse through on a Saturday afternoon. Al and Patti even volunteer at the Cast Off in Mammoth, so they know their stuff! You’ll recognize Patti by her big 'ol smile, Al by his ponytail, and their truck full of donations.

Life On The Corridor

Living in the Eastern Sierra, we tend to be weather snobs or should I say aficionados.
Even though the winter has been mild (so far), the snow will come, therefore I wanted to share some of my favorite apps and sources of information. The free CalTrans Quick Map is invaluable for travel details, road closures and accidents, highway cams, where snowplows are, and even the messages on Caltrans highway signs.
Being a novice sailor on June Lake, I use Windfinder, a great app for local winds, their direction, weather, and temps in an easy to read format.
As my dog gets older she has developed a fear of loud noises including thunder. My Lightning Tracker is the perfect app for detecting thunderstorms miles away. Even though I can’t hear them she can!
A newsletter that I would recommend is the Eastern Sierra Avalanche Advisory. During the winter, their daily weather updates and advisories are useful even if you are not a backcountry skier. This is a local group that has their eyes and expertise on local conditions. Do you know there are several roads in June Lake that don’t get plowed when the avalanche danger is high until they are deemed safe, including a portion of Hwy 158?
Always be prepared with emergency supplies and extra clothing in your vehicle. Carry chains as required by law. Slow down and stay safe.

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