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7 Reasons To Buy A House In June Lake

Sonja Bush May 23, 2024

I asked some of my clients what their favorite things are about living in June Lake, CA. Even though I live in Mammoth Lakes, I love taking day trips over to June Lake, and I always encourage my clients to consider buying a home in June Lake if they’re interested in the area.

It’s not for everyone, but here are some of the top reasons to buy a house in June Lake:

1. You Don’t Need To Drive To The Forest Because You Live In It.

“We walked and hiked every day and saw wildlife and the changes of nature close up,” said Nancy, one of my clients. “I could smell the vanilla in the Jeffrey Pine just down the street, watch the deer congregate in my yard unafraid, and wait for the blue heron to return each spring and the mallards to swim through the creek.”

She remembered winter storms made fun with a wood stove, candles and a guitar. “You can’t buy that memory,” she said. While you might have neighbors, most houses in June Lake back up to or are really close to open, wild space. The forest is your home.

2. You Get That Small Town Feel.

June Lake is a tiny town that’s truly family-oriented. There’s a strong sense of community pride living there, and people look out for each other. With a population of under 700 in the last census, you’ll see familiar faces anywhere you go.

Yet with the year-round tourist visitation for skiing, fishing, hiking and fall color viewing, June Lake’s amenities make it feel like it’s not quite as tiny. Favorite local gathering places include the Tiger BarOhanas 395June Lake Brewing and new additions like Hermitage Juice BarThe LiftT-Bar Social Club and June Pie Pizza Co.

After a day of hiking, my husband and I love spending some time at the spa at Double Eagle Resort and then enjoying dinner at Eagle’s Landing Restaurant. The amazing view of Horsetail Falls from the restaurant is hard to beat!

3. You Can Access Great Hiking, Fishing And Skiing All From Your Back Door.

Just as you live in the forest in June Lake, you also live in the mecca of Eastern Sierra outdoor recreation. From your back door or, at worst, a short drive, you can access world class hiking (Parker Lake is one of my favorites!), all the trout fishing you could want, and amazing skiing at Mammoth Mountain’s more family-friendly sister resort, June Mountain. Add in rock climbing, off-roading in ATVs, road biking and mountain biking and it’s clear you’ll have to calendar out your activities to make sure you get them all in!

4. The Summers Are Just As Good As The Winters.

I’ve listed a handful of activities and didn’t even talk about summer lake days yet! The June Lake Loop takes you past four beautiful lakes, each with its own personality and scenery. Even though many people think of June Lake as a winter destination, the summers are just as magical. Think swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, pontoon boating or jetskiing. One of my personal favorites is soaking in the sun on the shore of a lake while my dog, Javier, goes swimming!

We also enjoy participating in the June Lake Triathlon (whether actually racing or volunteering) dubbed “the toughest race in the most beautiful place.” The event is usually held the weekend after the 4th of July.

PS… Fall in June Lake is absolutely amazing too. Mono County is always encouraging visitors to check out the June Lake Loop in the fall. Just another bright side to owning a home in June Lake!

5. There’s Plenty Of Peace And Quiet.

Even though June Lake has amazing local businesses and year-round recreation, it’s still a really, really small town, and you’ll get your share of peace and quiet if you buy a home there. Spring and fall are typically quieter as far as tourists go, but properties in June Lake are arranged with peace of mind in mind. I’ve seen many homes on large lots with plenty of trees and green space, which will help you soak in your new life in the forest.

6. You’re Just Half An Hour From Mammoth Lakes… And Half An Hour From Yosemite National Park.

If you want to get out of June Lake, it’s easy to pop over to Mammoth Lakes, and if you want to jump into different nature, Yosemite National Park is just half an hour up the road. You can access most of the services you’ll need in Mammoth, and the drive is one of the prettiest ones you’ll ever do.

7. You’ll Get More Bang For Your Buck.

Like buying a home in Crowley Lake, buying a home in June Lake means your budget might go a bit farther. Home values overall can be a little cheaper in June Lake than in Mammoth Lakes, plus you might find more of what you’re looking for — there are large homes in June Lake, but there are many small and medium size homes perfect for a lower budget. Depending on what you’re looking for, a good real estate agent can find you the perfect home for your budget.


See currently listed June Lake homes. If you want to talk more about buying a home in Crowley Lake, download my Ultimate Home Buyer’s Guide or contact me.

Photos by Josh Wray for Visit Mammoth

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